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AMB Wellness in Personal Care

Create Innov ative Aloe Ver a cosmetics with Innovaloe™ from AMB Wellness

In skin care, cosmetic and personal care products, more than any other consumer product category, a vital component is the product’s functionality, in addition to functionality, consumers want to buy effective, healthy and natural products that protect their skin , as well as their hair . The natural category has exploded and now accounts for a growing percentage of the global personal care market and is climbing at double digit rates. The personal care industry goes natural and organic, Our Aloe Vera raw materials are natural.

Our Aloe Vera are specifically designed for Cosmetic Compatibility

AMB cosmetic grade (CG) products have low bacterial plate counts making them suitable for use in a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care applications.

Consumers are highly aware of the need to protect and restore their skin and hair. Especially in demand are effective anti-aging actives that neutralize free radicals, slow down the formation of fine lines and wrinkles or retain the skin’s moisture.

Formulation Versatility

INNOVALOE 200X Cosmetic grades are essentially odorless, and have no impact on product fragrance or color.

Sharing success

No company can achieve success alone. Behind every market-leading company is at least one exceptional business partner dedicated to ensuring its winning performance. AMB wellness is your partner in successful formulations, delivering aloe vera ingredients in the right quality and at the right time.

Our customers can depend on AMB for uninterrupted, on-time delivery of on-specification ingredients and professional support anywhere in the world, ensuring competitiveness and growth. Our aloe vera is all year round supply